10 Must-See Wedding Ideas to Inspire Your Planning

June 30, 2019
5 min read

I have been doing a pretty good job of grouping together the articles I share into themes over the past few weeks, but the theme that jumps out from this week’s collection is actually the whole point of these roundups: to inspire your planning. 

No matter where you might be in the wedding planning process, just about everyone could use a little extra inspiration to make their special day even more amazing. So with that in mind, let’s jump right in and check out ten articles from around the web that will get your creative juices flowing today. 

The Baskin Robbins of Table Number Inspirations

Getting creative with your table numbers is one of the most popular ways to add a unique touch to any wedding, and we have certainly seen our share of amazing table numbers over the years. 

This article from our friends at WeddingWire digs deep into those little numbers with 31 different examples of ways to make your table numbers unique. There are examples that fit all kinds of styles here, and you can always combine elements of a few different ones into something that is uniquely yours. 

A Little Puppy Inspiration Goes a Long Way

From simple accessories to full tuxedos, this article from The Knot breaks down all of the options for dressing up your dog for the big day. 

We have hosted a number of bridal party puppies over the years, so if you consider yours to be part of the family, we strongly encourage you to bring him or her along for the fun. 

Old School Inspiration With Some New Twists

“As we all know, Calcutta was the British capital of India and is a cradle of culture, films and creativity in all walks of life. The Bengali life is full of nostalgia. Life hasn’t moved on there much and people still live for art, music and cinema. We are trying to capture an aspect of this perspective in our shoot. We took our inspiration from the venue, the Raj Bari, a historic elite mansion turned into luxury hotel on the outskirts of Calcutta.”

Many of our brides struggle to find the middle ground between the old styles their families expect and the modern trends that they are attracted to. This gorgeous shoot featured on Style Me Pretty does an interesting job of bridging that gap. 

Nothing Adds Fun Like a Pop of Color

Choosing a color scheme is another common sticking point in the planning process, but don’t feel like you have to go with the same popular hues that everyone else is talking about. 

This wedding inspiration featured on Wedding Chicks includes an entire rainbow of bright colors that works better than anyone might expect. Let this serve as your inspiration to drop a few pops of color around the room on your big day. 

Boho, Glam, and Trendy

“This boho-glam shoot took place at Wilderness Weddings in Kent, a dreamy venue on a 600-acre farm in the UK. For the design, Butler and White incorporated some of 2019’s most popular wedding trends to build a day that’s FILLED with creative ideas + inspiration.”

Not only will you love the boho/glam look of this wedding inspiration that was published at Green Wedding Shows, but you will also see that it is possible to work all kinds of current trends into your wedding without straying too far from your original vision. 

Something For the Non-Drinkers

“While a well-stocked bar can certainly be a boozy fun time at your wedding, a good host knows that it’s important to add non-alcoholic options to your wedding reception’s drink menu. In fact, there are several reasons why you might forgo alcohol entirely and opt for a family-friendly selection of punches and mocktails. Alcohol is pricey, after all. Not to mention, an open bar can be quite chaotic. And with so many people opting for sober curiosity, you might be leaning toward the teetotaler side.”

Your wedding can be amazing with or without alcohol, and whether you want the booze or not, these fun non-alcoholic drinks that WeddingBee highlighted can be a killer addition to any wedding. 

It Always Comes Back to Invitations

No matter what I do, it’s hard to put together a week of wedding planning articles without finding at least one that talks about invitations in our top ten. This week, it was this article from Rustic Wedding Chic that talked up their favorite rustic wedding invitations

If you are leaning towards a rustic look, there are some excellent invitation inspirations to give you some ideas in this one. 

Then There’s the Rustic Ring Box

“Ring boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but if you’re having a rustic wedding, a wooden ring box is hands down the most popular choice. You might already have a ring box from your wedding jeweler that you use for everyday purposes, but on your wedding day, it’s nice to have a special ring box that’s a bit more decorative — whether it’s being captured in detail shots by your photographer or carried down the aisle by your ring bearer, a ring box is a great (and affordable) way to infuse your personality into your nuptials.”

Fabulous weddings are all about getting the details right, and this article from our friends at WeddingWire does exactly that by talking about choosing the perfect ring box for your big day. Once again, if you are leaning rustic, this is something you are definitely going to want to see. 

Wild Horses

We have seen couples go in all kinds of different directions depending on their interests, and this wedding inspiration from Hey Wedding Lady is a perfect example of that using an equestrian theme

The bride and groom here clearly love horses, and they were able to show that love in many of the most intimate details of their special day. So even if you’ve never sat in a saddle, you can still find some inspiration to incorporate your own passions from this one. 

Off the Reservation

“I commissioned a Renaissance faire vendor to make my purple leather and multicolor dyed silk dress with an ornate Sailor Moon themed Silver Millennium detail on the back, and both of us wore cloth shoes that I had covered in art representing our favorite fandoms. We called our mixed-gendered wedding parties the Bridesguard and Groomsguard, and the perfect metaphor for us as a couple actually occurred right before the wedding when they took us out and shielded us from each others’ sight so we could do an Articuno raid in Pokémon Go standing back to back before the ceremony.”

Just when you thought that your idea for a unique wedding might be pushing the envelope a bit to far…you stumble onto this post from Offbeat Bride that chronicles one of the most different weddings you have ever seen…by a mile. 

Whatever you might have in mind for your special day, we would love to help you make those dreams a reality. So don’t be shy about asking for help! And make sure that you subscribe to our weekly email list so that we can keep dropping inspiration like this into your inbox.