How to Get the Most Out of Your Honeymoon (And Other Great Wedding Planning Advice)

June 9, 2019
5 min read

We are full swing into summer wedding season and everything has been looking just as beautiful as ever here at Center Stage!

Honeymoons were the big topic in this week’s roundup, but we also touched on a number of trendy issues before sharing some more traditional wedding inspirations. We also found an awesome guide to wedding veils, as well as some guides to help you prepare for things that might go wrong.

Let’s jump in and check out this week’s top ten wedding planning articles!

1. Planning Your Honeymoon

Wedding Bee was all over the details of planning your honeymoon this week, and they started that off with a simple explanation of why these exciting trips tend to be so expensive and how you can work around those costs.

They didn’t stop with just one article on honeymoons though, they also broke down things like honeymoon registry etiquette tips, the pros and cons of a delayed honeymoon, and how to take advantage of hotel perks on your honeymoon.

Then, they went even deeper with honeymoon destinations in cities and honeymoon destinations for foodies.

2. Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

“The 2020 wedding trends are in and one thing is clear, there are no rules when it comes to what you can wear down the aisle. Designers have taken inspiration from the old and new and given classic styles a fresh makeover for the 2020 bride. From feathery frocks and capes to wedding shorts and the inevitable comeback of the high-low hemline, brides have a wider range of style-options than ever before.”

From the looks of these dresses, being different is what is going to be trendy in 2020. If you are looking for some fresh ways to express yourself through your wedding dress, this article from Wedding Chicks has some fantastic inspiration.

3. Speaking of Wedding Trends

Whether you are looking to incorporate some of these ideas or avoid them in the name of being unique, this massive post from One Fab Day breaks down 60 of the biggest wedding trends that we are seeing right now.

Keep in mind that there is always a middle ground between embracing these trends and completely ignoring them. We find that the best wedding planners take these popular trends and tweak them in a way that makes them completely unique.

4. Back on Those Foil Invitations

We highlighted an article about fun foil invitations a few weeks ago, and now Offbeat Bride has published a similar piece explaining all of the details behind these trendy invitations.

It seems like they really dig the look:

“I’m also fully obsessed with the glittery foils that come in gold and silver and give off major rainbow sparkly unicorn vibes. You’ll see I chose to show a few of those in the save the date section. SO PRETTY.”

5. Rustic Barn Wedding Trends

From the seating chart to the signage to the fact that it took place in a barn, this wedding inspiration from Rustic Wedding Chic takes a bunch of the trends we have been talking about and puts them on display as a complete package.

And don’t forget that we can make Center Stage look all kinds of rustic without having to sacrifice modern amenities like air conditioning!

6. The Knot’s Guide to Wedding Veils

“Between cathedral veils and bridal caps, there are so many different veil lengths, styles and details to choose from when it comes to the most iconic bridal accessory: the wedding veil. So, how are you supposed to know which one’s right for you and your wedding day outfit? Follow these handy tips to choose the perfect veil to top off your look.”

The Knot came through in a big way this week with a fresh look at wedding veils that you are definitely going to want to scroll through. They offer up ten different tips to make sure that the veil you choose will complement everything else happening on your big day.

7. Planning for Problems

In addition to their over-the-top honeymoon coverage this week, Wedding Bee also put out an article addressing all of the things that will likely go wrong during your wedding planning process.

No one wants to spend time sitting around thinking about what could possibly go wrong, but being prepared for these inevitable mishaps is the best way to make sure that they have a minimal impact on your big day.

8. Timeless Over Trendy

We spend a ton of time talking about the latest wedding trends, but it is important to remember that many brides and grooms are ignoring all of those trends and still putting together gorgeous traditional wedding looks.

This wedding inspiration from Hey Wedding Lady features loads of timeless style in a white chapel. It doesn’t get more traditional than that!

9. Rules for Dad’s Wardrobe

“The role of father of the bride is an important one. Not only are dads dealing with all the emotions of sending their little girl down the aisle, they may also be paying for a chunk of the wedding, writing and giving a speech at the reception, and figuring out what the heck fathers of the bride wear on the big day. Whether the father of the bride loves to shop or would rather watch his most-hated team win the Super Bowl than set foot into a tux shop, it’s essential that he do the legwork to find the right attire for the wedding. Fortunately, a father of the bride can find the right ensemble to wear in just a few simple steps.”

Our friends at WeddingWire put together an excellent article highlighting eight simple rules that will keep the father of the bride looking good without asking too much of him.

10. Getting Your Guests Excited

You know that feeling when you are committed to going to a wedding but you have about a dozen other things that you’d rather be doing that weekend? That is the feeling you don’t want your guests to be having.

How do you make sure that your guests are excited about your wedding? Check out this article from The Knot on creating your wedding website there to keep your guests involved in the process.

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