Stranger Things is Everywhere This Week (Even in Our Wedding Inspirations)

July 7, 2019
5 min read

After enjoying a spectacular holiday week, we are back on the grind this weekend planning for the summer weddings that are still on our calendar before we head into the big fall wedding season. 

If you spent your holiday time discussing wedding plans with friends and family, you probably have a few new ideas that you are excited to explore. And since we did the exact same thing this week, we stumbled onto a few fresh concepts as well. 

Let’s jump right in and check out the top ten wedding planning articles and inspirations of the week. 

Stranger Things is Everywhere

Just about everyone has been talking about season 3 of Stranger Things this week, and this fun wedding featured on Offbeat Bride didn’t want to miss out on the fun. 

On the surface, it might be tough to distinguish between a Stranger Things wedding and your standard 80s-themed wedding, but little touches like an Eggo waffle bar made this one a complete experience for fans of the show. 

Long Hair Don’t Care

“When you’ve got luscious, long hair that frankly seems to have a mind of its own, finding that ideal wedding hairstyle is no easy feat. There are so many wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from — should you throw it in an elegant chignon, wear it down and flowing around your shoulders, or go for boho-chic braids?”

Our friends at WeddingWire went all-in on this wedding hairstyles for long hair article that covers just about anything and everything you’ll want to consider for your big day do. 

No Rain on a Purple Wedding Day

It’s no secret that we love the rustic look. It offers brides and grooms so much freedom to express themselves with more options and fewer rules. 

This stunning inspiration from Rock My Wedding utilizes a purple color scheme to create a one-of-a-kind look that all of your friends and family would be talking about. 

Planning a Wedding Shower

“Weddings showers take quite a bit of planning and coordination, from the location to the decorations to the invite list. These traditional and exciting events are fun to plan, though, as there are so many directions you can take them in. Whether you’re planning your own or one for a bride-to-be, you’ll want to put an abundance of thought into every piece of the day.”

Because of the size of our hall, we don’t do nearly as many showers as weddings, but we do have plenty of experience booking and catering them. This guide from WeddingBee is a fantastic starting point for anyone tasked with planning a shower. 

Not Exactly Rustic Inspiration

When we talk about rustic weddings, we are typically referencing barn-look events that tend to lean more towards the casual side. This wedding inspiration from Style Me Pretty is not that. 

Instead of a barn, this beautiful wedding was held outside an adorable farmhouse. On top of that, every aspect of the event was first class gorgeous. The details will blow your mind. 

Offbeat Engagement Rings

While most of them don’t go far enough to be featured on Offbeat Bride, almost all of our brides have their own unique quirks. That’s why we love featuring articles like this one highlighting some engagement ring options that are a bit outside the norm. 

If you are the type of couple that likes to play by different rules, there are some really fun rings in this article.

Miami Beach Wedding Inspiration

“We’re pretty confident you’re going to fall madly in love with today’s Miami Beach wedding amidst striped umbrellas, salty ocean waves, bamboo chairs and muted seafoam tones.”

It doesn’t get any better than this for beach wedding fans. Ruffled covered every detail of this classic beach wedding in Miami Beach, and you can find a ton of inspiration in the details of this one. 

The Basics of a Wedding Rehearsal

In addition to finding inspiration for all of the little details that go into wedding planning, we also like to highlight articles that help brides and grooms understand what to expect at different points in the process. 

This article from WeddingBee does a nice job of breaking down exactly what to expect from your wedding rehearsal. So if that’s something you have been curious about, we have got you covered. 

Classic Americana Influences

“We were inspired by all things American, including apple pie, pinwheels, and glass-bottled Coca-Cola, along with fashions of the 1920s such as a tea length gown and a gentleman’s bow tie. Our self-titled ‘Rustic Americana meets Vintage Whimsy’ vision evolved as we collaborated with other amazing Charlottesville-area wedding vendors, leading us to modern trends such as menu cards along with unique vintage touches such as a tandem bicycle.”

The experts over at Rustic Wedding Chic always come through with amazing wedding inspirations, but this classic Americana wedding that they featured might be one of their best ever. Check out every single detail of this fun twist on a rustic-style event. 

DIY Silk Flower Veil

There is nothing wrong with saving some of your budget for bigger things, and one way to do that is to incorporate some DIY projects into your plans. 

This article from Green Wedding Shoes walks you through the process of creating your own silk flower veil. Not only will this free up some of that precious budget, but it will also give you some extra freedom to tweak the look to your liking. 

From the basic planning overviews to the smallest details featured in gorgeous wedding inspirations, there is an unbelievable number of things that go into creating the perfect wedding experience. Make sure that you subscribe to our weekly newsletter so that we can keep you up to date on all of the most helpful wedding planning articles from around the web.