Ten Articles to Inspire Your Wedding Planning This Week

August 25, 2019
5 min read

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking. But thanks to the power of the internet, there is more information out there than the average bride and groom know what to do with. 

In order to help you focus in on the advice that really matters, I make a point to work through all of the biggest and best wedding blogs each week to highlight the articles that bring the most value to our happy couples. 

This week, we are going to talk about everything from bridal party shirts to fall color schemes, and we’ll also hit on most of the major wedding styles on our way. Let’s get to work!

Legit Squad Goals

From the bachelorette party to decorating on the big day, it seems like just about every bridal party is rocking special outfits for the big wedding events these days. And I’ve seen some really cute looks pulled off on the mornings of some of our most recent weddings. 

Our friends at WeddingWire see even more than we do, and they put out an awesome collection of bridal party tees that you can use as inspiration for your squad goals. 

Boho Meets Rock Wedding Inspiration

Rock My Wedding came correct with a fantastic inspiration that started with a boho-style wedding and then added a little touch of rock and roll. You can spend the entire week devouring all of the details in this one. 

One of my favorite details was the backdrop that they used for the ceremony. That same look would look great in Center Stage for the same purpose, or it could serve as a selfie station, or it could just be a nice look for the lobby. 


“We rocked the hashtag: #asyouwishbish to shout-out one of our favorite movies and add a bit of tongue-in-cheek to the whole shebang. We then went a little wild with references to fandoms like Harry Potter, LotR, ’80s movies, video games, and whatever else from pop culture we felt would get a giggle or a note of recognition.”

Offbeat Bride always serves up some of the most unique wedding inspirations on the web, and this pop culture wedding was one of my favorites this week. If you are thinking about going with a theme that doesn’t take the whole wedding concept too seriously, this is a fun angle to check out. 

Beach Wedding Colors and Flowers

As if you needed any more inspiration for the perfect beach wedding, this elopement photoshoot featured by Hey Wedding Lady is packed full of ideas that range from outfits and flowers to the simple wood backdrop they used on the beach. 

And while this specific shoot was for an elopement on the beach, there is no reason that you couldn’t translate a number of different elements to your own beach wedding here at Center Stage. 

Different Fall Color Palettes

“Here’s the thing: if you’re in love with the fall colors, you should absolutely use them to decorate your wedding! But if fiery hues of red and orange aren’t your thing, you don’t have to use this classic fall aesthetic.”

We see a ton of fall wedding colors every year, but these color palettes featured at WeddingBee last week are a true breath of fresh air. You might not think you can get away with navy, purple, or pink in a fall wedding, but these examples beg to differ. 

New Orleans Nuptials

From the parade and the venue to the food and the band, everything about this wedding inspiration featured on Bridal Musings represented New Orleans. If you are looking for an outside-the-box theme for your wedding, you might want to look into embracing the French Quarter. 

You might not be able to replicate the shots from the city here in Beaver County, but we can make most of the details from that reception happen here for you. 

Little Black Dress

“Amy was never a traditional person, she is covered in tattoos and white was never for her, so she chose elements from dresses she liked and worked with the designer to make her dream, modern black dress.”

If you are the type of bride who is looking for a different type of dress, this custom-made black wedding dress is something you absolutely must see. The dress is stunning. The bride looked gorgeous in it. And it worked so well that you almost didn’t notice that it wasn’t a white dress. 

Want a Dress That’s Cheap?

One of the best ways to get a dress cheap is to buy one that has already been used. That might sound strange at first, but more and more brides are finding that they can purchase gowns that are normally way outside their price range by scouring the pre-owned market. 

This article from The Budget Savvy Bride breaks down all of the best places to look for used wedding dresses, and it also gives some advice on selling yours after you are done with it. 

Another Beautiful Barn Wedding

I really do stumble across a beautiful barn wedding every single week. This week’s choice is a southern-style barn wedding that blended pink bridesmaid dresses with some classic touches in an elegant outdoor setting. 

Rustic Wedding Chic pretty much always comes through with fantastic wedding inspirations, and this southern barn wedding was no exception. If you are even considering a rustic twist, this is a must-see inspiration. 

Planning a Wedding Reception Menu

“Whether you’re hiring an outside caterer to take care of the reception meal or your venue has an in-house chef, you’ll likely have plenty to talk about during your initial meeting with the person preparing the food. Come prepared with these 15 commonly asked questions when planning a wedding reception menu.”

WeddingBee took the time to highlight some of the most important questions you should be asking about your reception menu this week, and you won’t be surprised to hear that we would love to answer some of them for your wedding. 

All you have to do is fill out our contact form with information about your date and we will reach out to schedule a meeting to discuss your big day. 

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