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September 15, 2019
4 min read

The fall wedding season is about to be in full swing, and we are more than ready for it with autumn colors, cider drinks, and plenty of pumpkin spice everything. 

Wherever you might be in your planning process, everyone can always use a little inspiration, and we found plenty around the internet this week. With everything from a tipi wedding to custom-made neon signs, we have all kinds of cool stuff packed into this week’s wedding roundup!

Farm Wedding on a Budget

We like to think that we sit in a nice little pocket that is perfect for people who want a gorgeous wedding but don’t want to pay those hotel and country club prices. With that in mind, this Farm Wedding that was featured on Budget Savvy Bride would be a perfect fit for what we do. 

Having the perfect wedding is easy when money isn’t an issue, but that isn’t the case for, well, pretty much anyone here in Beaver County. If you are trying to stretch your budget, there is a ton of great inspiration to be found in this one. 

How About a Tipi Wedding?

“Phill and Becky really achieved a bespoke wedding thanks to their handmade décor, which was ever so lovely. Greenery was used throughout the tipis for a real outdoors in feel, alongside stylish stationery and cool lighting. One of the touches I love the most has to be the wooden ladder adorned with flowers, not to mention the fun wooden signage and foliage archway too. Gorgeous!”

What do you get when you combine tasteful decorations with tipis and live music? You get this one-of-a-kind wedding inspiration that was featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. Check out all of the unique details, and feel free to borrow or steal some for your own special day. 

The Hottest Honeymoon Destinations

One of my favorite reasons to stretch the wedding budget is so that you can afford a fabulous honeymoon, and our friends at WeddingWire published their take on the 10 most popular honeymoon destinations for 2020

With everything from Europe and Antarctica to South Africa and Thailand, there is plenty to choose from on this list…just don’t expect any of them to happen on the cheap. 

Bring Your Outdoor Wedding Indoors

I know that everyone wants to have that gorgeous outdoor wedding, but it is important to remember that outdoor weddings almost never come off like the exact vision of the people planning them. The weather just opens up way too many variables. 

In this stunning inspiration from Style My Pretty, you can see a number of different tips and tricks for bringing the feel of an outdoor wedding inside. And that is something we can do just about every single weekend here at Center Stage. 

Commonly Asked Save the Date Questions

“A save the date is a brief “pre-invitation” to alert your guests that they are invited to your wedding, what the date and location will be, and that you’ll be in touch in the future with more details.”

Most brides are all over sending out custom-made save the date cards these days, but this article from Magnet Street breaks down all of the most common questions that you might have about those little cards

Make Your Photo Booth Memorable

Speaking of things we see and do every weekend here at Center Stage, let’s talk about that photo booth you are planning. Just about everyone has one of these tucked in the corner of the hall these days, but not all photo booth experiences are created equal. 

WeddingBee published this quick five-point advice column for how to make your photo booth shine. If you are in the process of planning out your booth, this is must-read material. 

Minimalist Wedding Inspiration

According to this article from Want That Wedding, minimalism is the new luxury. That might be a bit overkill, but there is definitely something to be set for clean lines and keeping the clutter to a minimum. 

If simple and elegant describe the style you are going for, this is a fantastic wedding to draw inspiration from. 

That Neon Sign Glow

I love just about everything Rustic Wedding Chic publishes, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be crazy about this feature on weddings that use neon signs. I was wrong. 

Whether you are into neon or not, take a few minutes and scroll through the pictures of weddings that utilized custom neon signs. This is something new and different that we don’t see very often, so it could be the focal point that makes your big day one that everyone else remembers forever. 

How Much Should a Bachelorette Party Cost?

Finding a happy medium for how much to spend on a bachelorette party is something that just about every bridal party struggles with. Your crew likely has a few people who will want to go out and spend a small fortune. And you likely have a few people that you know can’t afford that kind of event. 

Unfortunately, the real answer to this classic “how much” question is that it depends. Every situation is unique, but this article from WeddingWire breaks down some general averages that you might want to keep in mind. 

Austrailian Coastal Wedding Inspiration

“As August comes to a close, a beautiful, relaxed, coastal wedding seems most fitting to share. Designer Cydney Morris of Stone Cold Fox and her guy Ollie met in Venice Beach while he was traveling from Australia for work. Fast forward to their Watsons Bay Hotel wedding in Sydney, and we can see just how perfectly their different coastal upbringings meshed in their vintage-inspired nuptials.”

If you are looking for a coastal vibe without going over-the-top beachy or nautical, this wedding inspiration from 100 Layer Cake is about as perfect as it gets. You might not have the design touch that this bride had, but there’s not rules saying you can’t steal her ideas either. 

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