Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

March 24, 2019
2 min read

Here’s our weekly roundup of the best of the best wedding-related articles this week.

1. Say Yes to the Trends

With pictures of everything from mock turtle neck dresses to ones with built-in pockets, The Knot knows exactly what types of looks are going to be popular in 2019. You might not want to commit to some of these big trends now, but you’ll definitely want to know about them as you plan your big day.

2. You Mean That’s Not True?

“It’s a funny thing how many people who are DIYing their weddings always end up spending more money than they thought they would. It just doesn’t look like it because it’s in small increments here and there.”

Every Last Detail with an informative look at the many myths of wedding planning.

3. Put a Ring on it!

Style Me Pretty published a fantastic primer on ring buying that includes everything from “the four C’s” to the basics of bands. If you haven’t purchased your rings yet, this is a must-read piece for sure!

4. The Big Fat Vintage Wedding

“Any Pride and Prejudice fans reading today? Our friends at The Big Fake Wedding took on Cincinnati last month, and their 2019 iteration was all about merging timelessness and modernity in a wedding design inspired by the Jane Austen classic. Think vintage-inspired details, a hint of nostalgia, and embracing traditions in fresh ways.”

We love checking out pictures of actual weddings, and this vintage look wedding is a perfect inspiration for anyone thinking about going that route this year.

5. Budget Calculus

Your budget is going to impact just about every decision you make while planning for your special day. With that in mind, Wedding for $1000 put together a list of hidden expenses that you might not have considered just yet.

If avoiding some of these hidden costs can save you a few bucks, that’s more that you’ll have to spend on the things that actually matter, right?