Wedding Flowers: Your Memorial Day Weekend Deep Dive

May 26, 2019
5 min read

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you are planning on spending some time with friends and family over the long weekend. If you are, there is almost certainly going to be some wedding planning discussions happening.

And since Memorial Day is such a popular time to talk about flowers anyway, it only makes sense that we are taking a deep dive into the world of wedding flowers this week.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Are You Going to Hire a Florist?

We have hosted quite a few weddings over the years, and the ones that feature fresh flowers are always the ones that stand out to us. But flowers can also be expensive, and so can the people who arrange them.

If you are considering fresh flowers, this article from our friends at WeddingWire is a great place to start giving yourself some background on what that will look like.

2. Getting the Right Flowers in the Right Places

“There can be so much to remember as you prepare for your wedding day that sometimes it’s tricky to keep track of everything—particularly for subjects like flowers and floral arrangements which, if you have no previous knowledge about them, can feel especially overwhelming. But it’s important to know going into a consultation with your florist what options are available to you and what elements of floral design you’d like to include in your big day. So here are some basic ideas to check off your list during your conversation.”

Wedding Bee also posted some great advice on flowers this week. Their approach was to break down the specific “Floral Moments” that you are going to want to have a plan for on your big day.

3. Diving Deeper with the Bee

This wouldn’t be a deep dive into wedding flowers if some of the articles we recommend didn’t get a bit deeper, and that is exactly what Wedding Bee did with this article highlighting different ways to personalize your bouquet.

The bouquet is going to be one of the focal points of your wedding, and it will be highlighted in pictures for years to come. Having some of these personalizations built into your bouquet will be something that your future self will always thank you for.

4. Popping the Question…to Your Bridesmaids

“Some girls prefer candy. Others go straight for the champagne. But for your beauty-obsessed crew, nothing less than the newest nail shades or hottest hair products will do. That’s where the bridesmaid beauty box comes in. It’s a genius way of “proposing” to your pals that can be easily customized to match their personalities and preferences—not to mention incredibly handy for all the wedding-related celebrations to come.”

This fun article from The Knot recommends heading to Ulta and picking up all of the right beauty products to put together a unique gift box for each of your bridesmaids. Have fun with this one, and don’t forget that “Living Coral” is THE color of 2019!

5. Engagement Parties on a Budget

If you are in the early stages of your engagement, one of the first decisions you are going to need to make is what the engagement part is going to look like. This can range from absolutely nothing to a party that rivals your wedding, and everything in between is also in play.

For most couples, the engagement party is all about having a great time and celebrating the excitement of their engagement. And if you are trying to plan an engagement party on a budget, this article from WeddingWire will be a huge help.

6. How Trendy Do You Want to Be?

Some weddings strive to be right in line with the popular trends of the time. Other weddings prefer to do the exact opposite. And still other weddings embrace timeless looks over trends.

No matter how you feel about getting popular trends involved in your wedding, it is still fun to check out what people are getting excited about this year. This article from 100 Layer Cake breaks down some of the biggest wedding trends of the year, and you are free to do what you like with them.

7. Wine Country Wedding Inspiration

“Wine country weddings have an effortlessness about them. Truth: a LOT of work goes into them, but a successful one—looks something like this—where the day flows with ease and every detail seamlessly meets the next. Your Event by Erin made that happen for Erin and Jack’s Big Day, while Mae Flowers graced the day with beautiful blooms. A palette of light gray, navy and ivory neutrally pops against the vineyard backdrop, making Jordan Galindo’s job of photographing it all, that much easier.”

Everything about this Napa Valley wedding was stunning, and Style Me Pretty did a great job of breaking down all of the unique details that came together to create this gorgeous look.

8. Best of the Month Inspiration

The people over at Green Wedding Shoes had a great idea to highlight their favorite wedding inspirations each and every month. If you are looking for some great wedding inspiration ideas that will be truly memorable for your guests, this is a great place to find some good ones.

9. Beach Wedding Bliss

“If you’ve always envisioned yourself walking down an aisle of sand without shoes or listening to a ukulele serenade your guests, then you’ve come to the right place. The beach can be a stunning place to exchange vows and with such a neutral backdrop, you can really make it your own. To help provide some inspiration for your beachside wedding, we’ve pulled some of the most beautiful ideas from flowers to wedding dresses — all with a tropical or nautical twist.”

This is the part where we remind you that you don’t have to ask everyone to travel to the beach in order to have a beach wedding. Beach weddings are actually one of our most popular themes, and we see one or two good ones just about every summer here at Center Stage.

If you are planning your own beach wedding, no matter where the location might be, there are lots of great details that you can borrow from this wedding inspiration featured on Want That Wedding.

10. Rustic Country Inspiration

The one look that has been even more popular than beach weddings over the past few years is rustic country weddings. If that is something that gets your planning juices flowing, you will definitely want to check out this beautiful inspiration from Rustic Wedding Chic.

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